Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha is another beautiful destination in Sao Miguel in which I was able to visit. This location is a natural heritage site. You will see waterfalls, hot springs, vegetation and nature trails. It looks like a rain forest. When I was here, I made sure to go inside these hot springs, the water was so warm and the sound of the waterfalls was very relaxing. I got eaten by bugs but I didn’t mind because of how beautiful this place was. It honestly felt like a trip to the jungle.  This is a very popular tourist destination in  Sao Miguel so there was a lot of people there. They have showers and changing rooms to wash off after going inside of the hot springs. There’s even food trucks and souvenir shops for tourists to go to. I would definitely recommend this spot if you ever get the chance to travel to this island.

Click here to watch a video!

Photo by: Nuno Loura

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